Saturday, 23 April 2011

Five Things That Have Made my Day...

Seriously busy today so this is going to be super rushed.*So, here goes the five things that have made my day today...

One - Downloading some Harry Potter music or Wizard Rock. (Wrock) And some Hunger Games tunes. I knew about ALL CAPS, The Moaning Myrtles etc but only just found Alex Carpenter, Ministry of Magic and Muggle Relations. So I have been bopping around to some sweet new tunes and indulging in geekery.

Two - Seeing people at the craft market who have known me since I was a baby. They always go out of their way to say hi and ask how my life is going. They're like substitute aunts and uncles.

Three - Wearing my favourite pair of shoes that remind me of my family over in the States. They're my first ever pair of Converse. (I normally never buy labels cause I dont' see the point or don't have the money but these were the best buy, ever. They're my dancing shoes.)

Four - Knowing that I have Star Trek (JJ Abrams movie) waiting for me in the DVD player. I was watching it yesterday but got super busy with the fish and chips and then the writing.

Five - Jeph Jacques' amazing webcomic series Questionable Content It is pure brilliance. It's a great way to procrastinate and the evolution of the drawing is so neat to see. Plus, Faye, Hannalore, Marten and co seem like they'd be really fun in real life, if somewhat crazy.

So, leave me a comment and let me know what has made your day today cause I'd like to know. It may have been trivial but sometimes these little things make or break your day.

*Had the Ohope Craft market this morning so I was there flipping burgers and selling drinks. (Oh the life I lead.) And now I'm back at the shop sitting behind the till pretending to be hard at work.

EDIT: One thing that didn't make my day...moronic customers...sigh. Example:
Phone rings
Me: Good Afternoon, Oasis Takeaways
Phone Person: Is this Oasis Takeaways
Me: Yes. Can I help?
PP: Are you open?
Me: Uh...yeah 
PP: So you're cooking?
Me: Yes, until 7 when we close. 
PP: When do you close?
Me: Seven. 
By this point I want to yell down the phone but I just smile and nod. Now, this happened to me eight times yesterday with only slight variations on the conversation.

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