Friday, 4 February 2011

In which I further my attempts to find myself and get stung in the process

This morning got off to an interesting start and by interesting I mean I nearly cacked myself. I got stung by a honey bee for the first time in nearly twenty years. Now, most people wouldn't worry about something like this but the last time I got stung my leg swelled to twice the size and turned a lovely shade of purple. So, when I felt the pain and saw what had happened I quickly removed the sting and did what any smart person would have done in my situation and began to swear loudly.* This was then followed by random flailing of limbs.

The pain was minimal however and I recalled something about baking soda so I grabbed some off the shelf and rubbed it in conveniently forgetting that the venom would be under the skin not on the surface where I was rubbing the damn stuff.

Anyway, for the next ten minutes I waited by the phone in case my arm decided to do any spontaneous colour changes or anything like that. At the same time I ran through my options and replayed the scene from an episode of the X Files over and over in my head.** Aside from a small bit of swelling and the stupid stinging sensation I seem to be fine.

After this eventful morning I am now sitting outside, trying not to get harassed by too many flying insects while working on two plans that are battling for supremacy in my mind.

The first one is the review blog that I am thinking of starting but I am being all grown up and doing a lot of researching into how I'm going to go about it and whether I should start it on this blogging platform or what. I realise that this sounds more business like than I have ever sounded but I think that comes with growing up.

The other thing or plan is my second novel that I am working on. I have been doing research for this one as well. I would be working on the sequel to my other one but at present, it is still sitting on the hard drive of my old computer. I won't go into too much detail in regards to this story that I have started. It is a simple idea so far but I hope to expand on it.

So, I will go off and do some more research into this since I can't seem to get a break getting a job in the real world but, before I go, I shall leave you with not one but two awesome videos of the day.

The first one of a 19 year old schooling everyone on the meaning of family. This guy is pretty damn awesome.

This second one is just pure geeky awesomeness.

* This generally consisted of one word. You know the one. It rhymes with duck.
** This won out over that old school swarm movie about the Killer Bees or something like that.

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