Wednesday, 23 February 2011

In which Christchurch is hit by a 6.3...

My sister and her two children live in Christchurch. Yesterday at 12.51ish  an earthquake centred in Lyttleton and only five kilometres deep rocked the city with a 6.3 force and for a moment the entire country of New Zealand stopped breathing be it in disbelief or shock my guess is probably both.

For over four long hours we waited, trying any means necessary to get through to her, just to hear her voice and to know that they were okay. This is the same thing that millions of others were trying to do which meant phone lines were clogged and the panic rose sharply. The news footage was raw and unedited and I, like many, could not tear my eyes away from it.

But, at the same time I was overwhelmed by the support that was coming in from all over the world. Thankfully John Key and the New Zealand government accepted help though this is still going to be one of the biggest disasters to hit our small country in many years.

In this time of trouble it is amazing to see the support and caring that comes through even though it only shows during such tragic circumstances.

For those who were wondering my sister and her two girls are fine. Hopefully they will fly up here for a visit or even relocate permanently.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter for providing me with realtime updates and photos. Through both of these social media sites I was able to find out that many of my friends were okay.  

Sorry for the shortness of this post but it is still quite difficult to talk about. All my thoughts and hopes and prayers are going out to the people of Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand as well.

All donations can be made to Red Cross Donations though I haven't been able to get through to the site due to how busy it is.

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