Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Of addiction and more randomness...

So, I love the taste of coffee...and when I say love I mean: madly, undying and totally committed to the taste of coffee. This would be fine if I could actually process calcium the way it was intended to be processed. Unfortunately, my kidneys aren't particularly fond of me.
Don't worry, this isn't a blog where I complain about my body parts rejecting me. Instead, I thought I would begin with the fact that I am addicted to coffee - and today I think I have outdone myself in my own addiction. I'm not actually sure how I am writing this right now while I bop to a random medley of summer tunes - which would make sense if I was in NZ where it is actually summer. But the coffee in my system won't let me stay still though I felt as if my very atoms are vibrating. So far this could be good or bad since the scale has yet to tip.

With all this sweet, sweet caffeine rushing through my system I find myself thinking what makes a sane and rational person do this to themselves and then I realise that I'm not a sane person...haha! In reality, it makes me think about the things that I really love and, aside from coffee, I am thinking about books and TV shows that I love. I know that I have done a list of shows I like on a previous blog on a different system which I don't plan on replicating but I think it is interesting to wonder where these 'obsessions' spring from.

So, there are certain authors that I will always follow and there are a few of them. I thought I would do a shout out for two of them - not that they need it cause their writing is amazing.

First is John Green who wrote Looking for Alaska and, although I'm not a teen, I found it one of the best novels that I have read in quite some time. (I'll supply links to websites etc below so feel free to clicky clicky and found out why I love these writers etc...)
His writing really draws you into the world of teen angst (though that isn't the word I really want to use because it is more than that) and the need for acceptance. I'm not doing it justice so I suggest you go out and buy it now!
The second author that I have been rather fond of for some time is Garth Nix. I recommend the Abhorsen Trilogy to anyone because he has created a world so rich and inviting (By inviting I mean nail biting, exciting and adventurous) that I would love to live there. I love the fact that he presents a strong female role model who has doubts and is real, even if the world she lives in is very different to our own.

Anyway, this is part of what happens after I have had far too much coffee and not enough sleep...seriously, I keep having freaky dreams where I find myself living in a tiny cottage surrounded by books trying to solve the mystery of the Lady of the Lake or in the middle of New York (a place I have never been as of yet) trying to battle demons...I think I need to stop reading so much fantasy before going to bed...nah, I'd never give up fantasy...

Anyway, the links are below and I will suggest some more authors or something. I am still trying to figure out what the general theme of this blog is going to be and I hope you will all bear with me while I figure all this out. And, if you have any suggestions feel free to flick me an email and tell me what you would like to hear about...
Until next time
Peace and pancakes....

John Green
Garth Nix

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