Friday, 31 December 2010

The Obligatory New Years Post...


I wish I could leave the entry as that, you know. Wow has a nice ambiguous ring to it - it could be good or bad and then I can leave everything up to the reader's imagination but I will carry on because a blog without entries is much like a tree falling in a forest with no one around to hear...

I'm not going to say that this year has been great but it hasn't been awful either. I feel that I take what I need from whatever situation that I am least, that is what I aim to do. What I can say for certain is that I learned a lot about myself this year. In fact, I feel that this year has put my self 'identity' to the test - and, for the first time, I can actually notice how much I have changed and grown...

So, this is the round up of the year...

Bad - Kidneys
Good - Novel finished first draft
Bad - Teaching is not for me
Good - Teaching is not for me
Bad - Missing friends
Good - Catching up with friends

Actually - this isn't really anything new...aside from the kidneys and that's something that is incidental.

I don't do the big New Year's resolutions because, firstly, I don't do New much the same vein that I no longer celebrate my birthday...not really. And, secondly, very few people actually go through with their resolutions. Plus, why should you set deadlines on things that you want to change about yourself. And, if your resolution is something out of your control, such as falling in love, why make a resolution about it...

Anyway, as per usual, I am going off in a tangent. I just thought I would take a moment of your time, if you'll indulge me, to present a random set of musings. Over the last few days I have been facing a lot of big decisions and I often find myself worrying about what choice I should take so I visualise that I am standing in the middle of a tree. I climbed the trunk when I was little and now I'm up somewhere in the middle branches. In front of me is a nice sturdy branch which I know will support my weight but to my left and two my right are several other options. Some are not safe at all and others offer so many different things and now it is up to me to either embrace my rational mind and continue straight ahead or whether I give in base instincts and take a metaphorical leap of faith...This all sounds very Robert Frost worthy but I feel as if I should leave this year with a final question...

What do you think...?

Happy New Year Everyone! May 2011 bring you everything you need...!

Love JJ

Peace and Pancakes


  1. Happy New Year JJ! We agree that this year is going to be bigger and better than the last... and it's all about the choices you make. There are no "wrong" choices, as what you choose is YOUR choice! :)

    Great idea for this blog... I would call it the "write" choice! (See what I did there?!)

    Wishes and fishes
    J+M (NSW)

  2. Aw thanks guys! :o) Yeah I really want to focus on my writing this year and having a blog makes me write more often...and gives me a chance to work on lovely things such as grammar and spelling!

    Hope you are having an awesome time in Oz! Loving the wishes and fishes...though I am feeling a bit hungry now!