Sunday, 7 November 2010

Seven days in and NaNoWriMo is...

Seven days in and I am finding myself wishing that I could move onto a different project. I won't because I am very stubborn and I will not let NaNoWriMo beat me. Yet, with so many other things happening I can't help but feel that I may be in over my head.

So far, my two main characters have just infiltrated a school posing as niece and uncle. They have already met with a golem of sorts and I just feel that there are more nasty things around the corner. It is a good thing I am not writing this to get published. I may use some of the ideas later on but this is just pure brain vomit onto the page.

Another thing I am finding is that some of the words begin to blur together and I find my characters acting out of sorts. I may not be overly invested in these characters as of yet but I still find them banging around with my other, more well rounded, characters. I don't know if other writers have the same uh...'problem'...You know, where you try to make your characters do something that is against character and they raise such a ruckus.

On a side note it turns out that one of the brake pad things* shattered while I was driving home yesterday. This explains why my brakes gave out. Thankfully I was just about home and managed to glide into my park. My dad, bless him, is going to get a new 'shoe', as he calls it, for my car tomorrow.

This is going to be another shortish, almost pointless, entry as I have to get cracking on this NaNoWriMo effort. Also, I had more sugar today than usual. Every so often I just crave chocolate even though I know that I shouldn't have it...

Also, I got three new books yesterday and I want to get cracking into them. Is it bad that I am inclined to read more at the moment. (So there, Laura Miller...I may be doing NaNoWriMo but I'm still reading...)

*Things - this word is right up there with stuff to explain random things that I don't know the technical terms for.

Word Count - 14 452
Tunes - NCIS on the telly in the background.

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