Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fan Films that are Awesome

So, I was busy helping out my parents by hefting hay bales around yesterday. As a result this post is a little late and a little cut and paste - my only excuse is that my allergies have played up - who knew lifting hay bales would cause a bout of hay fever...

Anyway, as I was perusing YouTube the other day I found myself searching up things such as Kirk Cameron Banana (my flatmate told me that she was shown this in health class ... needless to say I was confused) and then I remembered about a couple of fan films that I had watched recently and thought I'd go searching for more.

What I love about fan films, especially well made fan films, is the fact that they are made by people who truly love the original source and are, in a way, honouring the game makers, authors and directors.

So here is a small list of the fan films that I found pretty amazing.

5. This is a short film (mini film/trailer?) for the Dead Space series. Brilliantly done with an eerie quality that made me want to see more. Especially since I'm stuck on the second game because of some stupid necromorph that I can't seem to defeat or even run away from. Regardless, this was just accurate enough for me to get caught up in what happens. This can be found on Eric Zaragoza's channel.

4. The Hunger Games: Second Quarter Quell. This is brilliant and I've used it in the classroom to show how people can be creative and use source material to extrapolate on events outside of the text. Plus, the boys love the fight scenes. This was done by MainStayPro on YouTube and their work is brilliant.

3. A Lara Croft fan film based around the newest game. Bloody, violent and pretty darn awesome. CanCinema only has this and a trailer on their channel but I hope they do more.

2. Pure Nostalgia. SteelehouseDigital have taken a classic childhood game and turned it into something made of awesome. You have to watch to understand.

1. Finally, in the number one spot is Dan Trachtenberg's amazing Portal fan film. I couldn't link directly to the video but if you click the link above it will take you straight to his YouTube page.
This video was probably one of the first fan films that I watched and it is just amazing and so well acted and thought out. Plus, it's Portal...where can I get one of those guns...

So there is that list and I hope you enjoy. I'm going to wallow in self pity over this stupid hay fever for at least and hour but I promise to have the next post up on Thursday.

Peace and pancakes

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