Monday, 20 June 2011

It's my 100th Post...

One hundred posts...that's got to be a milestone or something, right? For this very occasion I'm going to insert some facts about the number 100.
  1. Obviously 100 is the number of years in a century. 
  2. In temperature 100 degrees Celsius is boiling point.
  3. C is the Roman numeral for 100. 
  4. Apparently, wolves can cover up to 100 miles in a single day. 
  5. Also, approximately 100 people choke on ball point pens every year. (I don't know if I believe this one so take it with a grain of salt...or sugar if you are so inclined.)
  6. The Hundred year war actually lasted 116 years...
  7. Benjamin Franklin appears on the US $100 dollar note (or bill if you're American...)
  8. According to some 100 velociraptors are more deadly than 1 ... *
Well, apparently, there aren't a lot of amazing facts about the number 100. I haven't gone in depth on the science and maths side of it because it kind of gave me a headache, all those numbers and something about 100 gonals which I read as gonads and felt sorry for the poor guy. Damn it, Jim, I'm an English Major not a mathematician...**

Once again I found myself debating on what to blog about but my life has become rather dull and boring at present. Work is slow and very, very boring though I've had a couple of interesting customers and one bizarre moment where I was suddenly unsure if I was speaking English since the customer I was serving looked at me as if I were insane. Honestly, after the customer left I asked someone if I had begun talking in Klingon or something. Oddly enough, they looked at me strangely as well.

And I still can't talk about the thing that I mentioned I can't talk about in the last post...(That is one disgusting sentence but I'm going to leave it in there because I can.)

*I now have an image of a lonely raptor donning a top hat and doing a little song and dance similar to the end of Spaceballs.

**I really couldn't help myself...I'm not normally a Trekkie.


  1. Congrats on the 100! And I shudder to envision 100 gonads. Thanks for that.

  2. It is quite the image, isn't it.

  3. Hey whats up? I'm about to shamelessly plug my corny blog featuring completely original comics about all sorts of things! From me complaining to me being melodramatic, you'll love some of it, I promise but can't guarantee! (P.S. congrats on 100 posts!)

  4. I'm all for shameless plugs. Thanks. Your comics are ace.