Wednesday, 18 May 2011

On becoming a recluse...of a sort...

Since I took the plunge to focus full time on my writing I have found myself spending more and more time in the dark, dank little area that I have labelled my office. It isn't unusual to see me hunched over my computer, eyes crossed in focused concentration (or the fact that they sometimes like to play tricks on me.) Working on my next masterpiece, or editing through my last one. Sometimes I am walking (pacing actually) talking to myself, often in accents trying to place the right voice for the right character.

Other times you may find me staring blankly at a poster of Serenity thinking WWRD* or WWMD?** Then I realise that neither of them are particularly suited to the task of writing young adult fiction. Then I wonder if I'm suited to the task, aside from the fact that I love writing. Then those thoughts fade away as the next scene comes to mind. And I've gone off track...

I've become a recluse - and, on one hand I don't care because I'm writing and it tends to be a solo career. Then, on the other, I freak out because I should keep up the whole social interaction otherwise I have visions of myself turning into Howard Hughes (not turning into a man...stop thinking like that...). Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns becomes a germaphobe and parodies Hughes - trying to force Mr. Smithers into a miniature plane? Kind of like that though minus the male genitalia...

And there I go, going off track...sometimes I get the feeling that my mind flits over the necessary waves to come up with the most random of conclusions.

As I was saying, I have become a recluse and it is partially to do with my writing and it also has a little something to do with where I am currently living. I live, at best, about thirty minutes drive (at 100k/h)*** away from the nearest town. Then there is the fact that most of my friends reside all over the world but predominantly in the UK. Thus making it difficult to catch up and hang or chillax or whatever it is young people do these days...

Basically, this post was an excuse to use the word genitalia in a story. Well, it wasn't really but it is a funny word, right?

So, in closing, if you think that I have gone to far in my reclusive habits, I want you to throw things at me and tell me to get my pasty white arse outside and interact in reality...

Peace and pancakes...

* WWRD = What would River do?
** WWMD = What would Mal do? If you haven't watched Firefly or Serenity you seeriously need to.
*** 100 kilometres for those of you still using the imperial style...(and the Imperial Death March theme from Star Wars just started in my head.)


  1. i'm in the same reclusive boat because i'm working on my thesis. i've always saved my urine in jars, though. i like to test it for various poisons that people might be giving me.

  2. Heh heh. You can never be too safe. I think regular urine testing for poison is a good thing. Better to be safe than sorry I always say.

  3. recluse is the definition of a writer. It's not just the time spent writing, it's just that you tend to poor you life in it. there is a well known quote (which I can't quite remember) about really good writers being normal and boring...apart from those benders when we (okay me) drink and party, rebelling from the curse of writing. clearly I spend more time rebelling but one day I'll grow out of that.

  4. I like that. I tried the whole drink thing but felt like good old Drunken Hemmingway cause I favour my whiskey a wee bit much.