Sunday, 3 April 2011

Why daylight saving sucks (and evil earworms) - Day 3 BEdA

So, daylight savings has officially started in New Zealand so we have, kinda, gained an hour sleep in. While to many this may sound wonderful and lovely to me it just signals the fact that it is getting closer to the middle of the year and that my brain will take a week to figure out what the heck is going on. Once I get used to it I'll be fine but at the moment it sucks. It feels later than it is and I have yet to go around and fix all the clocks. And that extra hour makes me feel groggy as ever so as I begin to write this I am brewing up some strong coffee to aid in my waking up process.

This leads to my list of five for today. Well, I could do it on why daylight saving irks me so but I thought I would make it about something as equally annoying...peppy pop songs that get stuck in your head or evil earworms as I like to call them.*

Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
I have nothing against Miss fact I don't really care about her but this bloody song just annoys me. I blame the gym that I go to. We were doing a kettle bell class and this was one of the songs and, for some stupid reason, it got stuck in my head but only two lines from the chorus. These two lines have nearly been on constant replay in my head for the last few days and it is so frustrating because I don't think it is a good song.

What the Hell - Avril Lavigne
I'm sorry but this I really need to explain? Sure I was young when 'Complicated' came out. I know all about angst blah blah blah but this song. That chorus has just gotten stuck in my head and, to me, it annoys me to no end. The thing is, I liken this song to a movie trailer. All the best bits are in the chorus. I guess because it is so peppy.

Baby - Justin Bieber**
It's the damn chorus. And the fact that this is manufactured pop. Once again, nothing against the boy but really..."baby baby baby oh" Plus my five year old niece is in love with him which freaks me out more than anyone could ever know.

(Baby) I Like It - Enrique Iglesias
I have never actually heard this song in its entirety mainly because the chorus puts me off in about 2.5 seconds flat. I know that other people like it but to me it is kind of a chorus only song. In fact I think every song on this list is a chorus only song.

Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha (Or any song by her)
Put aside the fact that all her songs are so auto-tuned you can't tell if it is real singing or not these songs, especially 'Tik Tok' and all have the same kind of 'melody' (and I use that term lightly). So, does this need an explanation?

There are thousands of other songs that I could have added to this list and I'm sure there are ones on this list that you like. I'm not saying that they are bad, per se, but that they become annoying quite quickly and the radios play them until they are so firmly entrenched in our poor little brains that we might end up going crazy.

Also, these are what I like to call chorus songs. The only part that is memorable to me is the chorus and that is the part that becomes trapped in your brain.

On a side note - 'Friday' by Rebecca Black isn't on this list cause it isn't a song...really...and that song is already getting enough flack from the rest of the world. I just feel sorry for the poor kid since she wanted to sing so badly that she sang anyold song plonked into her lap.

Anyway, tomorrow will bring a more positive list. I promise. For now I'm going to listen to some classic rock to get these songs out of my head. Zeppelin anyone?

*Not to be confused with either the Ceti Eel or Khan Worm from Star Trek and Supernatural respectively.
** You can replaced this with nearly any of his songs I assume, I just don't know that many of them. Honestly.

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